Radio Pitch E-mail

To: Tom Krumm
From: Whitney Seven
Subject: ONE Day Can Make a Difference

Native Americans have the state of Oregon’s highest overall poverty rate contrary to the
myth that casinos have made them rich.  Lack of education tops the list of reasons why
minorities have such high poverty rates.  The University of Oregon’s Coordinator for Native
American Recruitment, Chance White Eyes, seeks to effect change with its annual ONE Day

ONE Day, a recruiting event designed to prepare Native American high school students
for educational opportunities after high school, will take place Friday, Dec. 4, 2009.  The event
will emphasize the importance of Native American culture and traditional values while assisting
students in setting goals and planning for their futures.  KLCC has, in the past, broadcast several
feature stories about Native American culture and your listeners may be interested in information
about ONE Day.

Chance White Eyes is an excellent source for information about ONE Day. Additional
information and testimonials are available on the University’s website at  If you require my assistance, I am happy to help in any
way I can.

I will contact you in a few days to discuss the story’s potential and answer any questions
you have.  If you need to reach me, please call 949-439-4485 or e-mail me at  Thank you for your time and consideration.


Whitney Seven

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