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Aw Snap!: Two Words I’d Like Never to See Again While Blogging

Blogging is an important part of the public relations curriculum at the University of Oregon.  I started this blog as a requirement for my Strategic Public Relations and Communications class.  I am required to write two posts per week for the term.  I think it is a great assignment and I am really happy it is a part of the required work for the class.

Today, however, I have run into a little bit of trouble.  WordPress users, Do the words “Aw Snap!” ring any bells?  Well, I have made numerous attempts to write new posts, but the program keeps quitting and not saving my work. Instead I get an error message that says, “Aw Snap!  I have logged out and logged back in, restarted my Web browser and even restarted my Mac.  None of these has been a solution.

My frustration level was just about to reach a 10 when I decided I would just write the post in Microsoft Word and e-mail it to my professor as proof I did the work.  If this post appears on my page, please know the trouble I went through to get it there.

Thank you WordPress for your sad-faced file folder—it actually looks quite sympathetic—now fix the bug!

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